Specialists in  in home and office interior designs, custom made furniture, built in cupboards and all woodwork creative designs aimed for a niche clientele. Tashmaz was formed in 2010 from humble beginnings and has slowly matured into a company which strives for the very best in design, quality and style.

Our size over the years has changed but our commitment to detail and customer service has remained constant. We have an extensive array of furniture lines completed with customized solutions for every project. We specialize in integrating the clients vision and needs from conception to installation.

Our manufacturing factory is based in Harare Zimbabwe . This is where all creative work, design research, manufacturing and distribution are completed.

NOTE - We make to order, i.e we begin manufacturing once you place your order, it takes approximately 7 days to build/construct and 3 days to do the final finish/seal on the furniture i.e 1 coat per day and sufficient drying time between coats.

We assure best quality products